June 2

5 Important Items to Bring to Your Meeting with Your Probate Attorney


When you come for your initial consultation with your Alaska or Montana probate attorney, there are some critical items you must bring with you. These things will allow your attorney to thoroughly understand your probate case and offer the best advice.

Here are 5 Important items to bring with you for your meeting with your probate attorney:

  1. A death certificate
    • Your attorney will need your loved one’s official death certificate.
    • The court will require this original document, or a certified copy of it, whether the probate is formal or informal.
    • The probate process will be stalled if a death certificate is not submitted.
  2. Any existing versions of your loved one’s will
    • If your loved one left a will of any kind, your attorney needs that.
    • The original will must be filed with the court.
    • If your loved one had more than one will, or multiple versions of a will, it’s important that you bring all of those copies and versions to your consultation with your attorney.
  3. A list of all personal property, assets, and debts

    Part of the probate process is the proper distribution of your loved one’s assets and property as well as the payment of their remaining debts.
    • If your loved one left a will, they will have determined who gets their property, money, and belongings.
    • If they did not have a will, the intestate laws of Alaska or Montana will determine:
      • who is going to administer the estate
      • which family members will receive what property.
      • How any outstanding debts will be paid, settled, or disallowed.
  4. A list of all living heirs or devisees
    • Heirs are living relatives of the deceased.
    • Devisees are people designated in the will to inherit the property of the deceased
    • Your attorney must have the names of all these people.
    • They’re the ones who may receive the assets of the deceased, and who may also share responsibility for any remaining debts.
  5. Patience

    Probate can be a daunting process. No matter how simple or complex, probate takes months or even years. Be patient and get help from your Alaska or Montana probate attorney.

    We’re here to make this easier for you.

McQuillan & Hohman Law provides expert legal advice and assistance to those who must probate an estate in Alaska or Montana, and to those seeking to avoid the probate process.

Talk to us today to understand your options.



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