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Estate and Trust Formation and Planning

You want to know your loved ones will be protected and cared for when you die. 

You want to be sure they'll receive what you intended from your estate, with minimal stress. 

You want to know that, if you became incapacitated, you would be cared for in the way you would choose. 

Estate planning is the process of setting up documents in advance to determine how these concerns will be dealt with when you can no longer weigh in directly.

We’ll shepherd you through this planning process with a comprehensive approach, setting things up so you and your loved ones are protected. 


Have you been named an administrator or executor of an estate and you're feeling overwhelmed?

Or are you hoping there's a way to avoid the probate process entirely?

We know the probate territory well, and will ease your way through this often complicated, emotional, and time-consuming process.

Business Formation and Compliance

You have a great business idea. Now you need expert legal advice to make wise decisions for your company. 

We’re your experts! We can:

  • advise you on different legal options and protections that can increase your business's success
  • help you choose the best legal structure for your business, accounting for all important legal and financial implications
  • guide you through State and Federal filings, licensing, and regulatory requirements, so you know you’re in compliance with all applicable laws. 


Do you need help with an immigration issue?

Visit our sister site, Alaska Immigration Law Center (AILC).

AILC specializes in asylum and family- and employment-based immigration law. They represent clients in all 50 US states, and can represent you too.

Family Law

Do you need help with a legal issue concerning family relationships? 

Family law includes any of a variety of relationship transitions in a family, whether they be beginnings, like prenuptial agreements and adoptions, or endings, like divorces.

Often complex and emotional by nature, the decisions involved in family law profoundly affect people’s lives. 

We will help you traverse the emotional terrain of family law, protecting your legal interests and the best interests of any children who may be involved.

Civil Litigation

Have you been seriously wronged? Do you deserve compensation to balance the scales of justice?

If you wish to take legal action for remuneration, we can help you determine if your suit is likely to be successful and we can champion your cause in court.

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