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10 Links to Do It Yourself With Civil Legal Issues in Alaska


We use these websites, forms and data sources about civil legal issues in Alaska and thought you might be able to benefit from them as well.

  1. For steps to probate a loved one’s estate
  2. If you’d like to plan your own estate
  3. If your loved one is in need of a guardianship or conservatorship
  4. If you’d like to file for divorce or dissolution of marriage
    • Visit: Filing for Divorce or Dissolution in AK: Filing for Dissolution or Divorce – Ending Your Marriage (alaska.gov)

      This link provides all the information you need to file for divorce or dissolution, including specific, directly linked, required forms that cover various factors such as whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, whether or not children are involved, and more.
  5. If you’d like to Modify a Child Custody or Child Support Arrangement
    • Visit: Process to Modify Custody or Child Support in AK: Instructions for a Motion to Modify Custody or Child Support, SHC-1502 (alaska.gov)

      This link provides step by step instructions for how to submit a motion to modify an existing child custody or child support arrangement.

      Additionally, you’ll find the necessary forms required to file the motion yourself. The forms are hyperlinked to the instructions as easy, fillable pdfs.
  6. If you need a Domestic Violence Protective Order
    • Visit: AK Domestic Violence Protective Order: Step-By-Step DV Protective Orders Flow Chart, SHC-3200 (alaska.gov)

      This link provides a flow chart explaining the process of requesting a Domestic Violence Protective Order in the State of Alaska and links the form for filing this petition. Forms are provided to file for one, or more than one, petitioner against the same individual.

      Also included are forms to extend an existing protective order and a link with forms to modify, extend, or dissolve an existing order.
  7. If you need help knowing how to respond to a motion in a civil litigation matter because you don’t have an attorney
  8. If you need to know how to contact or locate the court in your district
    • Visit: Contacting the Alaska Court: Court Directory – Alaska Court System

      This link provides contact information for all courts in all four judicial districts of Alaska, the Court of Appeals, and the Tribal Court Directory. You can find the court in your district, its location, and contact information.
  9. If you need some specific information about your case, such as: when your hearing date is, which courtroom your hearing is in, or something else
    • Visit: Searching for Cases in Alaska: Search Cases – Alaska Court System

      Here you can search for a specific case by name, case number, or ticket/driver information. If you can’t remember important details about your case, this link will help.
  10. If you already know what form you need, but don’t know where to find it
    • Visit: Alaska Court Forms: Forms by Topic & Number – Alaska Court System

      This helpful link provides all the self-help forms the Alaska Court System has to offer. You can search for the form you need by topic or by alphabetical order.

      You’ll also find more do it yourself resources here, including how to file these forms electronically. (if electronic filings are permitted for your specific form)

We hope these links help you successfully DIY your civil legal issue in Alaska. McQuillan & Hohman Law, LLC. regularly uses these same links in our work on behalf of our clients.

**This post is not legal advice. Do not assume the attorneys at McQuillan and Hohman, LLC are your attorneys unless you have a signed fee agreement with us. The practice of law is very broad and complex. Please consult with a competent attorney regarding your specific situation.**

If you do need some professional assistance with your civil legal issue in Alaska, we are here to help you. Contact us

Updated 1/30/2023



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