December 28

6 Links to Help You DIY Your Civil Legal Issue In Montana!


  1. If you have a civil legal issue in Montana and are wondering if you can handle it yourself


    Montana Law Help is maintained by the Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) to offer a wide variety of self-help forms to the public.

    This site provides access to various legal forms for DIY-ers, including forms for:
    • Family Law:
      • adoption
      • divorce
      • child custody
      • no contact orders, etc.
    • Personal planning:
      • Power of Attorney (POA) forms,
      • will and estate planning forms,
      • probate forms, and more.
    • Miscellaneous civil legal forms:
      • Native American legal topics
      • money problems
      • housing issues
      • stalking and sexual assault
      • domestic violence
  2. If you need information from the Montana judicial system to pay a fine, locate a court, or access public records

    This link goes to the Montana the court website where you can navigate to the information you need through their easy-access portals.
  3. If you need to know how to contact or locate the court in your judicial district

    This link provides contact information for
    • the Montana Supreme Court
    • all 56 Montana district courts
    • specific courts with limited scope, like Workers’ Compensation Court.
      It also provides access to the Montana Court Rules, if needed.
  4. If you’re low income and need legal assistance with a civil issue (not criminal)

    This link goes to the Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA). It provides services to all low income Montana residents and all tribal reservations.
  5. For info and all forms to help you start and maintain your Montana business

    The Montana Secretary of State Online Business Center has all the forms and FAQs to assist you and your Montana business.
  6. If you need access to a specific Montana court case or other legal resources, you can access the State Law Library of Montana

    This link goes to the State Law Library of Montana.

    Here you can search for a specific case by name, case number, or other identifying information.


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